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There is an ever-present dialogue that takes place in all creatures that use language. For healthy, well-adjusted people that dialogue is filled with positive statements about themselves, the people around them and the universe they live in. For others, this internal conversation is filled with negativity. They don't trust themselves, their feelings, other people or life. For these people, life is a daily dose of misery and drudgery. Many of your fellow humans, most notably those in: mental hospitals; prisons; reform schools; and menial, boring, life draining jobs, have internal dialogues that are literally bankrupt of the possibility that is each human being.

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Thursday, January 02, 2003

Dinner is all done now!! It was great!! All the dinners here in Italy have been great!! So, picking up where I left off, we meet up with the crew (Martin, Dana, Megan, Adam). Need to get off now, more later, Banon

posted by Scott at 1:27 PM

Well I need to updat this as soon as possible since Paris. Well, Paris is not as great as I thought it would be...I mean it was awesome dont get me wrong but it didnt live up to my expectations. Im not sure how big those expectations were but anyway. I take that back I saw some really beautiful places there, it didnt live upto expectations in terms of it being a really romantic city. I think Rome, Italy is more romantic than Paris. So we went to Sacracur which is an awesome church on top of a tall hill that overlooks Paris. The church itself was amazing, I just sat inside and took it all in. I could have sat there for another hour. Then it was on to see the artists in monmarte square. Oh and then onto Notre Dame, another amazing church and then onto dinner. Not the best christmas dinner but it was better than the chinaese that we had earlier in the day. The walk through the Louve at night was the most surreal experience I had in Europe. There was a classical guitarists playing music in the entry way to the center and the acustics sounded awesome and he was really good. We sat and listened for around a half hour to an hour. Then I dropped five euros in his case and said grazie (thank you). The Louve was alright ya know the mona lisa and stuff. Im sorry Im not too much into that periods art I am definitely more of a Van Googh/Salvador Dali kind of guy. The effiel tower was in there somewhere too.

Well then it was onto....Oh wait Megan and Dana have finished dinner and it is time to eat. Last night in Rome, Italy and then it is back home with us. The airport is not going to be fun. Over 24 hours in the airport, not fun. Grazie, Prego, sie

posted by Scott at 10:57 AM

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Hello blog I will write more later, just wanted to say hi! Megan and Dana say hi as well, we just stopped by to say hi and now with a fellow good bye. Meghan---Umm....uhh...ha...ha..ha...ha..oh shit...Scotts awesome!! and so is his webpage. Dana----umph...umph...what is umph...heah?? Bog is cool, Blogg is cool. Ich bin farhtisch. Tschuess...

posted by Scott at 1:36 PM


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