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There is an ever-present dialogue that takes place in all creatures that use language. For healthy, well-adjusted people that dialogue is filled with positive statements about themselves, the people around them and the universe they live in. For others, this internal conversation is filled with negativity. They don't trust themselves, their feelings, other people or life. For these people, life is a daily dose of misery and drudgery. Many of your fellow humans, most notably those in: mental hospitals; prisons; reform schools; and menial, boring, life draining jobs, have internal dialogues that are literally bankrupt of the possibility that is each human being.

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Monday, February 03, 2003

American Football is the tone setting album for the day. Living in a place that breaths a harsh tone and not a calming sense of tranquility bears weight on my back. Clothes need to be washed and dryed, lists of objectives fill my blank pages, lets just see what happens when...., calling your name out into oblivion and past, honestly I can't remember your face when I cease to hear your voice calling my name, quiet speculation of the past and beyond I lay hear calling your name and scribbling down past experiences that plague the bitterness of my mind, I claim to know who I am and where I've been but I sit here in the present waiting and resting on a place that I can call my own, waiting to hear your voice next to my ear with little rain drops of peace and harmony, this is when my bitterness and calm restlessness will end without quarl, my environment is a part of the daily routines, hopes and dreams of my future, to operate from an ideal point of view will only dilute and dilude my own sense of ideal communication, circles should not end but should push forward beyond the peace of being complete, calming surprise of yet another day in which I find a calming relaxation that one day burdens and bitter voices will become a distant experience.

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