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There is an ever-present dialogue that takes place in all creatures that use language. For healthy, well-adjusted people that dialogue is filled with positive statements about themselves, the people around them and the universe they live in. For others, this internal conversation is filled with negativity. They don't trust themselves, their feelings, other people or life. For these people, life is a daily dose of misery and drudgery. Many of your fellow humans, most notably those in: mental hospitals; prisons; reform schools; and menial, boring, life draining jobs, have internal dialogues that are literally bankrupt of the possibility that is each human being.

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Thursday, February 20, 2003

I guess that last post may be taken kinda morbidly, however my personal intensions were not morbid at all. Just descriptions to match up with life events. Sonic Youth is the tone, I have to go now and email some friends. Peace...

posted by Scott at 6:29 PM


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